The High Pony Sew-in by Rhonda
This High Pony Sew-in Technique is mainly for Alopecia Hair
Loss Clients. However, it can be installed on any customer that
wants it. Alopecia Hair Loss Sew-in, Lace Closure Sew-in, Lace
Frontal Sew-in & Enclosed Sew-in. The high pony sew-in allows
you the ability to wear your sew-in with a high pony, rather than a
low pony all the time. This Technique Sew-in requires a little
more time and is not offered as the budget brand. This is the
Rolls Royce of Sew-ins for Alopecia Clients. You will need 3
bundles for lengths over 18" & Up 4 Bundles needed. Lace
Closure / Lace Frontal hairpiece optional.
Your Hair Bundles
Virgin Indian Hair $70 &Up - The best high quality Pure Virgin Indian Hair.
We have Hair In Stock 8"-20" 5 Textures Available. Tangle Free Hair which
Promotes Growth. Last up to 2 years.

Virgin Cuticle Hair $55 &Up - Virgin Cuticle Hair is our high quality virgin
natural black hair with cuticles in tact. High Quality Hair. It's In Stock. This
hair is known to last & be reused up to 1 year.

Factory Colored - $25 Per Piece
Custom Color by Stylist - $45 Per Piece

Bring Your Own - Bringing in your own hair is also welcomed.
Sew-in $250 Small Stitching,Close Tracking
$50 Deposit Required
$10 Virtual Consult or Text Photo 904-414-3998
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